Bostik 5000

Bostik 5000 hot melt butyl sealant for insulating glass

Hot melt butyl sealant for insulating glass

Bostik 5000 is a premium hot melt non-reactive butyl sealant developed using over 35 years' experience of hot melt technology in insulated glass (IG) unit manufacture.

It is the market-leading insulated glass hot melt butyl in Europe, and fully complies with both the European standard EN 1279 Parts 2, 3, 4 and 6 and the US/Canadian standard ASTM E2190. It is suitable for use on robotic, semi-automatic and hand gunning lines and with all spacer systems.

Bostik 5000 exhibits excellent adhesion, flexibility, moisture resistance and gas permeability along with both high and low temperature performance, with no slumping or stringing.

  • Can be used as a single seal: reduces process complexity and inventory, enables time and cost efficiencies
  • Very low-moisture vapour transmission rate: allows you to achieve top quality standards and increase the product life of insulating glass windows
  • Excellent application characteristics on manual and robotic equipment: increased flexibility and productivity on manufacturing units

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