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Bostik offers the architectural and design community the opportunity to earn AIA/CEU Learning Units through courses on AECDaily.

Navigating Grout Types for Your Project

Online Course | 1.0 HR AIA HSW CEU
Selecting the right grout for a project is essential for its success. In this course, we delve into the world of grout, exploring the various types available and their unique characteristics, strengths, and challenges. The course describes the latest innovations in grout that provide superior performance characteristics such as lifelong durability, flexibility, stain and mold resistance, color consistency, and sustainability, while also being easy and safe to install. Additionally, guidance is provided on the essential questions to ask during the selection process, ensuring that every aspect of the project is carefully considered to achieve the desired outcome.

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Ventilated Facades: Designed for Beauty, Sustainability, and Performance

Online Course | 1.0 HR AIA HSW CEU
Beyond aesthetics, ventilated façades and cladding systems provide added wind absorption, moisture protection, and insulation properties, resulting in prolonged building durability and sustainability that contributes to LEED® points. In addition, these systems provide significant energy savings to building operations and noise reduction to increase occupant comfort. Learn about the top features and benefits of façade systems and how to select individual components based on environmental conditions, panel materials, and other factors. Gain understanding about how the mechanical and adhesive systems vary and overview the easy installation processes. Learn how adhesives absorb cyclical expansion and contraction due to environmental changes such as wind, temperature, and humidity. Within an hour, you'll have a solid understanding about ventilated facades/cladding systems' aesthetics, sustainability, and how they are built to last even under extreme conditions.

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Soft Flooring Systems for Performance and Moisture Control

Online Course | 1.25 HR AIA HSW CEU
Soft flooring has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years due to its aesthetics, lower costs, durability, and ease of care. This course discusses how to create the optimal soft flooring system through proper substrate and surface preparation.

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Hardwood Flooring Systems for Durability, Moisture Control, & Sound Reduction

Online Course | 1.25 HR AIA HSW CEU
Selecting flooring is an important decision, but equal emphasis should be placed on proper surface preparation to avoid costly flooring failures. This course reviews best practices for a typical hardwood flooring installation and discusses the innovative options that consolidate products and steps, saving time and money while enhancing certain performance characteristics.

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Beautiful and Durable Flooring Starts with Proper Surface Preparation

Online Course | 1.25 HR AIA HSW CEU
Surface preparation is critical for high-performing, long-lasting flooring. Learn about the latest innovations and installation techniques in surface preparation that prevent floor damage while mitigating moisture and noise

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  • Knowledge of industry best practices in tile and flooring adhesive specification and installation

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