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Bostik offers the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative range of professional grade adhesives used by millions of architects, specifiers and contractors across the world. Benefits of Bostik adhesives include:

  • Simplified installation, even for thin porcelain tile up to 1/4" x 5' x 10' (6mm x 1.5m x 3m)
  • Wood flooring adhesive solutions
  • Elastomeric and anti-microbial properties
  • Exceptional moisture and vapor protection
  • Superior sound dampening effects
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

Featured Adhesive Products & Technologies

Bostik adhesives are developed to support the design requirements of architects and designers while facilitating simple, painless installation for contractors. Explore our featured adhesives for design applications below.

Ultra-Set® SingleStep2

Featuring AXIOS® technology and 1% recycled rubber content, Ultra-Set SingleStep2 is a high-performance adhesive that ensures superior sound reduction, moisture, vapor protection and easy cleaning, before and after cure.

Bosti-Set™ Adhesive

Specify stunning, thin porcelain tile panels in sizes up to 1/4" x 5' x 10' (6mm x 1.5m x 3m), without compromising installation speed or effectiveness. Our latest advancement in thin porcelain tile adhesive technology, Bosti-Set provides project teams with extraordinary assurance by reducing installation time and required crew size by up to 50%.

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Axios® Tri-Linking™ Polymer Technology

A game-changing breakthrough in adhesive science, AXIOS combines unlimited moisture vapor protection with the high bond strengths found in premium urethane adhesives. Use AXIOS products on any residential or commercial hardwood flooring installation and enhance durability.

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Featured Bostik Products

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Thin Porcelain Tile Panel Adhesive & Sound Reduction Membrane
ultra-set-singlestep2-4gal-640x480.jpg (Ultra-Set SingleStep2 4 Gal Product Render)
ultra-set-singlestep2-4gal-640x480.jpg (Ultra-Set SingleStep2 4 Gal Product Render)
Ultra-Set® SingleStep2™
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Advanced Tri-Linking™ Adhesive, Moisture Control & Sound Reduction Membrane

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