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We value our employees as they are the source of our strength and innovation

Bostik’s attractiveness to new and existing employees doesn’t just depend on the rewards and benefits we offer. Bostik, while we’ve grown, has always retained an engaging, open and inspiring culture that brings about value and trust in all our employees. We pride ourselves on our strong and collaborative team relationships. We offer countless possibilities to build a career with purpose. And where our Rewards System reflect how much our employees and their families are valued.

All these factors contribute to our appeal.

Our Rewards System is designed to give both the business and our people a clear understanding of the rewards package and the philosophies behind them. 

These guiding philosophies are:

  • Offer a consistent structure with the flexibility for each business unit to create competitive programs that comply with local legislation.
  • Focus on attracting and retaining talented employees, building a high-performance culture and ensuring a highly engaged workforce that achieves sustainable business results. 

Bostik’s Reward System emphasizes on total compensation, including salary, welfare, cultural and career development. Bostik employees are offered competitive compensation and a variety of incentives. We do not only provide basic benefits, such as social insurance, health and wellness packages, retirement and the statutory holidays, but also offer employees with corporate welfare, including supplementary insurance, leaves for vacation, sickness and other special leaves with full pay and so on. Bostik also espouses Work-life balance and is focused on the employee’s personal growth and development.