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Sustainability is thus at the core of our smart adhesive solutions. Using a framework developed by our parent company Arkema which is anchored in the UN’s Development Goals, we systematically evaluate our adhesive solutions so that a growing proportion contributes to the emergence of a more circular economy, and a more sustainable world.

We are on a path to become sustainability enablers. Join our movement. Know more of the steps we are taking towards a more sustainable future by listening to our new podcasts.

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We are convinced that achieving this goal will only be possible if we join forces with our ecosystem. In order to share our expertise, learn from others and generate more quickly the innovations we need to create a more sustainable world, we thus develop partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, ranging from customers and industry partners to independent bodies, public institutions and academia.  

Discover Arkema’s CSR POLICY

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the 4 pillars of Arkema’s growth strategy. Supporting the United Nations Global Compact and complying with the Responsible Care® initiative, Arkema’s social responsibility target is to create value both for stakeholders and the company.

To reach it, Arkema operates as a responsible manufacturer and resolutely observes a policy of continuous progress and operational excellence; creates sustainable products through responsible innovation; and cultivates interaction and close relations with its stakeholders through open and constructive dialogue. 

Discover Arkema’s CSR POLICY