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Bostik is a world-class leader in sealing and bonding technologies. We create smart adhesive solutions for both industries and consumers, covering a broad range of markets such as construction, packaging, automotive, high tech, hygiene products, etc. The adhesive division of the Arkema Group, a specialty materials leader, Bostik benefits from unique research & development capabilities to help build a world that is safer, more sustainable and adaptive. With over €2 billion annual sales and over 6,000 people, Bostik is present in more than 50 countries.

Annual sales 2019
+500 development and technical staff
4 global R&D
Bostik Smart Technology Centers
Committed to safety, operational excellence, health and reduced environmental impact

We are organized around four Business Units

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Adhesives are everywhere

Safe, efficient, and adaptive, Bostik’s smart adhesives are present in our lives in many more ways that you might imagine. Discover all the places where our smart adhesives make life easier.

Did you know?

The gecko can cling to almost any surface, run up polished glass at a meter per second and easily support its entire body weight with only a single toe. Just as the Gecko, our mascot and distinctive symbol we are smart, efficient and adaptive. And like our gecko, we are constantly on the move, innovating to create cutting-edge solutions that help us adapt to the ever-changing demands of our world, and of our customers.

Jun 18 2021
    Corporate Innovation Social Responsability

Bespoke Session - R&D Perspectives on developing innovative adhesives for sustainable packaging

On June 24th, at 2 PM (UTC +2), as part of the sustainable packaging ...

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Jun 17 2021

Bostik Strengthen its Global Specialty Hot Melt Solutions Platform

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MicrosoftTeams-image (2).png
Jun 11 2021
    Corporate Innovation

Bostik presents its new brand identity: Attached to your world

After two years of hard work, Bostik is proud to announce its new brand story and framework: ...

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Jun 09 2021
    Corporate Innovation

Bostik launches new podcast for the disposable hygiene industry - 'Attached to Hygiene'

Bostik, a global leader in the supply of adhesive solutions to manufacturers of absorbent hygiene ...

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