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Performance, Empowerment, solidarity, simplicity, inclusion

Driven by our five core values, all Bostik and Arkema employees share a common vision of the world. Whether it’s creating solutions that are both simple and effective, demonstrating responsibility in the conduct of our business, or showing solidarity with the communities in which we operate, these values guide our daily actions.
The 7.000 people who make up Bostik distinguish themselves by their dynamism, creativity and commitment. Thanks to our diversity, the team spirit that characterises us, and our desire to always surpass ourselves, we are creating a culture in which everyone can find the place that really suits them and contributes fully to our shared goals.


130+ years of commitment for innovation

Our high performance and innovative adhesive solutions are designed to improve people's lives and meet the challenges of tomorrow. Our ambition is to make whatever is assembled, built, or constructed smarter and more adaptive to the forces that shape our daily lives. Thanks to our expertise in specialised materials science combined with our industrial DNA, for over 130 years we’ve offered our customers tailored solutions that are both highly innovative and have a short time to market.

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The Adhesives Solutions Segment of Arkema

Bostik is the Adhesives Solutions segment of Arkema, a Specialty Materials player structured around 3 growth platforms with strong synergies: Advanced Materials, Coating Solutions and Adhesives Solutions.

Building on its unique set of expertise in materials science, Arkema designs materials to address the ever-growing demand for innovative and sustainable materials, driven by the challenges of new energies, new technologies, and the depletion of resources, mobility, and increasing urbanization.

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