Brands and countries
With a DIY and consumer range of more than 2,000 products, our brands are trusted for a wide range of applications. Our presence extends over 120 countries, allowing us to service retailers worldwide.

Customer experience is key
What makes us different is our passion for understanding customers. What they need to finish a project successfully and feel good about it. And since our users are making increasing demands on user-experience and the quality of the results, we are constantly looking for ways to make our assortment even more user-friendly. Healthier, safer, more efficient and easier to use. And: easier to choose the right product for the job, thanks to a comprehensible product range. This is what our brand promise ‘attached to your world’ is all about.

We care for the future

More and more, consumers are conscious of their environmental impact and expect the same consideration from industries. At Bostik, we are always striving to develop and offer our adhesive solutions in a viable and planet-friendly way. This results in healthier and safer products, sustainable packaging, waste management and energy saving. Our ‘conscious performance’ is much more than just a way of working to us: it's a mindset that guides everything we do.

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Smart innovations, supported by Arkema

Bostik is the Adhesive Solutions segment of the Arkema group. With 15 R&D centers, the Group has a deep-rooted tradition of driving growth through innovation. This gives Bostik direct access to the latest technologies, which we can apply in our own factories. It also means that we can respond quickly and effectively to changing market requirements.


For a perfect home

Our advanced technologies and premium DIY products cover 90% of consumer needs in all segments:

DIY Strategy House


For a healthy indoor climate that meets demanding energy efficiency requirements, proper insulation is crucial. Users can make their spaces comfortable and airtight by sealing seams and cracks with our high-quality PU foams and fillers. Bonus: acoustics in the room will also improve!


Avoiding water damage, humidity problems and mold, contribute significantly to our living comfort. Our smart waterproofing products and first-class humidity absorbers help consumers with any issue. From making surfaces water resistant to fighting humidity and its side effects, such as odors and cold.


Our sealants offer an effective solution for the perfect sealing and finishing of a wide variety of materials. Projects are easier and done faster, thanks to a range of products cleverly meeting consumer needs at every stage. From choosing the right product to the finishing touch.


Grab adhesives are chemical fixing solutions that offer the same result as mechanical fixing. Guided by simplicity and the purpose to save time, we created this range to bond an unlimited variety of objects and substrates. From standard formulations to unique high-end, innovative solutions. No power tools needed.


Our smart adhesives are suitable for all types of materials and applications. Bostik's Wall & Floor product range enables DIYers to apply tiles, soft and hardwood floors, and wall covering easily and professionally.


Our repair adhesives are expertly designed to create a secure bond to a wide variety of materials. Broken or cracked household items can easily be brought back to life thanks to our diverse range of repair adhesives. Become a repair hero!


For our customers' ever-changing craft needs, we offer a comprehensive range of permanent or flexible solutions. Carefully designed by experts, our craft and stationery glues make crafting fun and easy.

The Bostik brand also includes several local brands that still use their own names.

These brands enjoy a high level of local recognition.
The main DIY ones are: Sader, Evo-stik, MEM and Quelyd.

Bostik DIY: All around the world