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Assembly market comprises some of the most versatile, niche and complex technical industrial applications. From consumer goods, industrial manufacturing or compounding, Bostik adhesive products provide reliable, efficient and innovative solutions to all bonding challenges. 

With 4 international R&D centers around the globe, we are continually applying out our most sophisticated levels of research and development to bring innovation and meet our customers’ existing needs while anticipating future needs to come.   

Our worldwide Technical Service network of industry and application experts are organized by market segments to bring dedicated support in all process and manufacturing specificities. 

Bostik extensive technologies portfolio and adhesive expertise is at your service to define the best solution for each and every single situation.  

Bostik product range include adhesives for the toughest structural bonding (Bostik MMA) for bonding metal and composites structural parts to flexible bonding of plastic and metal components (SMP). For fast processing our hot melt adhesives range include pressure-sensitive (PSA), technical polyolefin (PO), as well as copolyamide (CoPA) and copolyesters (CoPES) hot melt adhesives for highest performance in demanding environments. Adapted to all process from application to the dot with high-performing instant adhesives (B2B), spray, coating, laminating or injection, there is always a product to fit your optimal process requirements.  

Bostik offers a unique expertise in Specialty Hot Melts with internalized design and manufacturing of CoPA and CoPES resins. Our products are shaped to our customers need, covering a wide range of melting points and melt flow rates. Bostik also offers a complete range of converted hot melt web and films adhesives for easy-to-use, clean and efficient process.