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As product assembly processes become increasingly complex, technical and demanding as they evolve across markets, it’s important to understand how the chosen assembly adhesives can impact your ability to:
  • Improve product performance
  • Enhance overall product aesthetics
  • Meet production output needs
  • Reduce environmental footprint
  • Decrease overall costs

Bostik offers innovative assembly adhesives and extensive expertise to make it easier to improve manufacturing abilities, address unmet needs and enhance overall products.

Why Choose Bostik for Your Assembly Adhesive Needs?

As an Arkema company, we pride ourselves on our ability to serve your assembly adhesive needs at both a local and global scale. With four international research and development centers and over 130 manufacturing plants around the world, we’re continually applying our most sophisticated levels of research and development to meet our customers’ existing assembly needs while anticipating future needs to come.

Broad range of product solutions

Our extensive adhesive portfolio gives customers access to an ever-growing range of technologies designed for the optimal process requirements, including spray application, coating, laminating, injection and more.

Bostik’s product range includes adhesives for the toughest structural bonding applications (MMA), such as bonding metal and composite structural parts, to flexible bonding of plastic and metal components (SMP).

For fast processing, our hot melt adhesives range includes pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), technical polyolefins (PO), as well as copolyamide (CoPA) and copolyester (CoPES) hot melt adhesives for highest performance in demanding environments.

Our newest Born2Bond® instant adhesives facilitate faster, smarter production processes while prioritizing user safety and sustainability. Focused on by-the-dot applications, Born2Bond® products overcome many of the performance and application limitations of existing solutions.

Bostik offers unique expertise in specialty hot melts with internalized design and manufacturing of CoPA and CoPES resins. Our products are designed according to our customers’ needs, covering a wide range of melting points and melt flow rates. Bostik also offers a complete range of converted hot melt web and films adhesives for easy-to-use, clean and efficient processes.