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A dna in line with the challenges of our world Majuscule to miniscule

Partners to the most complex industrial challenges

The applications covered by our adhesives are constantly evolving. We barely think about it, but adhesives are all around us: adhesives have a key role to play in the transition of many industries towards more sustainable business models.

Whether it's construction, packaging, health care or even electronics, the challenges are countless and constantly changing. Every day, our teams work to meet these challenges with the DNA that is theirs.

In the path of our parent company Arkema, we are in close contact with research on the most advanced materials – putting us in a unique position on the market, to face the challenges of the world of tomorrow. We are working to develop smart, custom-designed products at the molecular or nanoscale level, pushing the boundaries of adhesive technologies ever further to turn adhesives into real specialty materials.


Contributing to the emergence of a more sustainable world

Beyond their adhesion function, our solutions are enriched with features that improve the products themselves.

For example, adhesives can provide a protective layer for food in packaging made of a single material, which offers better recyclability but lower performance. Our adhesive solutions provide this extra bit of performance, allowing manufacturers to combine the best of both worlds.

We design solutions allowing electronic components to be disassembled and recycled, solutions that are at the forefront of regulations enabling us to offer the most harmless solutions possible (without VOCs, phthalates, solvents…) and which offer improvement for home insulation, helping reduce buildings’ carbon footprint. All key issues for the deployment of a circular economy and the emergence of a more sustainable world – to which our innovations actively contribute.


Collaborating to Innovate

We innovate, because we collaborate – and this is what help us make the impossible, possible                

Deeply rooted in a collective process, our innovation culture is also the result of a shared vision of today’s needs and anticipation of possible futures. Our four international centers of excellence, located in the United States, Europe, and Asia, regroup 500 scientists, chemists, and R&D engineers who work hand in hand with a transversal team of specialists and our customers to design the bonding solutions of tomorrow.

We believe innovation is a state of mind and we empower our teams to be an active part of it. Our R&D teams are able to stay at the forefront of research and innovation supported by long-standing collaborations with academia all around the world, and all employees are invited to contribute, like in France where a participatory financing approach for innovation projects proposed by employees has been launched.