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Energy efficiency matters

Improving thermal efficiency allows not only for a more comfortable environment, but also to reduce the energy necessary to keep a building warm.

Windows are one of the most significant areas of a building where warmth is lost.  An average house can lose up to 30% of its heat through poorly insulated windows.

Leading-edge hot melt sealant technology

With over 35 years of experience in the manufacture of insulating glass sealants, Bostik has grown to become a market leader with:
  • Unparalleled product performance and processability
  • Comprehensive product line including primary and secondary sealants
  • Dedicated R&D team and expert technical support focused on product innovation
  • Commitment to helping customers with continuous improvement to optimize product performance

Smart sealants for insulating glass units

How sealants contribute to the overall performance of insulating glass units:
  • Thermal efficiency: the gas retention and warm edge effect of the sealants determine energy ratings
  • Barrier properties: sealants keep moisture out to prolong the service lifespan of insulating glass units
  • Processability: choose the right technology, as some require mixing, purging and curing times
  • Safety: avoid harmful substances for a safer home and workplace