Brands and countries

Repair adhesive you can trust

Our repair adhesives are trusted across the globe thanks to their smart technologies and formulations. We never stop innovating with our repair adhesives and brands, always striving for the best in performance, sustainability and usability for our customers. 

Many of our pioneering, cutting-edge products are innovatively packaged, making them safer and easier to use around the home. 

Our repair adhesives have a broad range of uses for just as broad a range of materials, so you can be sure we’ve got the product for your repair needs.

Repair adhesive: applications

When you choose a Bostik repair adhesive, you can be sure of a product that won’t let you down.

Our repair adhesives utilize a number of beneficial chemical formulations, meaning we have the right adhesive for the job, no matter what. Whether it’s repairs to split wooden furniture, cracked ceramic plates, shattered glassware or broken metal pieces of any kind, our adhesives can do the job.

Wood adhesives 

Perfect for wood-to-wood repairs, our PVA wood glue provides strong, fast-setting, and long lasting bonds with little mess and a great finish. We’ve developed a wide-reaching product range for use on a broad range of applications, from door frames and skirting boards, to machined, parquet and hardwood flooring.

Epoxy adhesives (resin)

This high–performance repair glue is perfect for DIY projects and jobs where extra-strong bonds are needed.  

Our two-part epoxy resin range contains products with both slow and fast curing times for repairing materials such as ceramics, wood, chipboard, glass, metal and most hard plastics. This range also features dedicated formulations designed specifically for individual substrates.

Contact adhesives

These general purpose neoprene adhesives are ideal for bonding larger surface areas. Used for applications like sticking carpets down and countertop laminations. Other compatible substrates include: wood, MDF, leather, cork and ceramics. 

Just apply to both backgrounds to be bonded, then break the bond and stick them back together. Simple!


Trusted across the world for a dizzying range of jobs, our all-purpose glues are the perfect solution for small, delicate repairs. 

Famed for their instant results and extra-strong bonds, our superglues cover a wide range of applications. Best suited for sticking hard plastics, our superglue brands and formulations also boast the most convenient, innovative and user-friendly packaging and application modes in the world.