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Craft Glue

At Bostik, we’re committed to using our technological and chemical expertise to improve everyday applications through our range of consumer adhesives. 

Many of our craft glue products are familiar, household names. To this day, many of our customers and clients are surprised that some of our most sophisticated, market-leading chemical innovations are present in their child’s scrap book.

Our craft glue range brings with it a great deal of versatility. From office supplies, general arts and crafts, to spray adhesives, our smart craft glue technologies are unparalleled in their effectiveness.

Adhesives for consumers: applications

Our craft glues are perfect for art and craft lovers of all ages. From card and collage making for school projects, to devising performance and flow charts for your office space, our soft adhesives are easy to use, easy to clean, and contain no solvents acid. 

Whether you want to mix it with powder paints for finger painting, or water it down to make papier-mâché, Bostik glue is an ideal tool for family fun, and has been designed to meet and exceed the most stringent legislation relating to child safety. 

For more practical and precise adhesive solutions, our globally-recognized Blu Tack allows for safe, clean and economical use while providing an ideal adhesive solution for mounting particularly small, delicate or oddly-shaped items.  

Its ability to change states when pulled or rolled by hand has made Blu Tack the subject of worldwide renown. Whether you use it to stick posters to your bedroom wall, clean fluff and dust from your laptop keyboard, or mold it into fun shapes, Blu Tack is an essential domestic product.

As well as providing soft adhesive solutions for your home, we also provide unique methods for applying them. In addition to manufacturing glue sticks for dry application, we stock repositionable spray adhesives for fast-setting, stainless bonds over large areas, and craft glue guns – useful for craft or floristry work that requires adhesion to delicate substrates.