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Many factors are considered when designing absorbent hygiene products: your targeted market segment … the cost tier … even whether it is for consumer or institutional use. At the same time, you narrow in on specific details such as core type and ratios, your choice of materials, and how you are going to bond them together. Understanding what is possible—and how—cannot be an afterthought.

Before you finalise your design, talk to adhesive experts like Bostik. Creating a successful product relies on knowing your options and choosing the right adhesive solutions. For each adhesive application, it starts with identifying your goals for the product, including but not limited to product performance. Consider:

Having an understanding of not only your performance requirements but also how you measure success will help us recommend the adhesive with the attributes that best align with your needs. 


Succeed with the right adhesive attributes

At Bostik, we have identified more than 40 unique attributes across our range of products for all five main applications that can help you meet your goals for your absorbent hygiene articles. For example:

  • A wide application temperature window enables the use of a broader range of substrates, and increases the tolerance to temperature variability
  • Renewable raw materials contribute to a reduced carbon footprint from the use of adhesive 
  • Simplified clean-up minimises labour costs
  • No adhesive residue means the pad removes cleanly from the underwear, giving consumers a more satisfying experience

With your particular list of adhesive attributes in mind, our experts can help you select the Bostik adhesive that best meets your product and business goals. 


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