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In the absorbent hygiene industry, few things affect your future prospects like consumer confidence. That is why it is one of the four main elements in our Connected Product Line. Whether for baby care, menstrual care, or incontinence, consumers won’t buy articles they don’t trust. Building loyalty relies on product integrity, performance, and product types that fit user needs. To help you achieve these critical goals, look for adhesives that offer:

  • Reliable bleedthrough performance so products won't stick to each other in the package
  • Clean cut-off that provides confidence the adhesive is only applied where intended, increasing product quality
  • The stay-in-place performance pad users expect
  • Powerful creep performance contributing to superior fit and leakage prevention even for the most active wearers
  • Dependable peel and shear strength for tabs and ear attachments, giving consumers confidence in the integrity of your product
  • Low application temperature enabling the use of newer, thinner, and more heat-sensitive substrates 

Consumer confidence is just one of the benefits that the right adhesive selection can provide. It can also positively impact operational efficiency, improved profitability, and social responsibility. Understanding all four areas of impact can help you make informed decisions on adhesive selection for your absorbent hygiene products.

Learn more about the attributes for consumer confidence that apply to each adhesive application: construction, elastic attachment, core, pad attachment, and hot-melt wetness indicators. 



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