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As a disposable hygiene manufacturer, adhesives are a part of your daily operations. But adhesives can have a wide variety of attributes. The right adhesive should offer advantages beyond bonding layers of your products together. It should add value to your operational performance. 

The potential benefits are many. For example, the right adhesive can help reduce unplanned downtime, difficult clean-ups, bleedthrough and charring. To make the right choice, you need to know your options. Many thermoplastic hot melt adhesives have attributes that can boost efficiency through: 

  • Clean cut-off
  • Predictable maintenance
  • Simplified clean-up
  • Suitable open time
  • Greater thermal stability with less degradation
  • Quicker changeovers for running different products on the same line
  • Ensuring product supply is meeting consumer demands

Which adhesive is the right adhesive?

Choosing the right adhesive is not about which is good, better or best. Instead, it’s about determining the best fit – the right fit – for your particular production line. That right fit depends on your line’s configuration, conditions and the materials used.

Disposable hygiene products use different adhesives for different applications. Elastic adhesives and construction adhesives share many important attributes. They also have different strengths. With the right elastic adhesive, creep is no longer a concern. This gives both you and your consumers a greater level of confidence in the integrity and quality of your products. When an adhesive, like BrillianceTM, also demonstrates the powerful shear performance for ear attachment, you can use the same adhesive for both. This allows you to streamline your inventory and operation.

In the same way, the right construction adhesive can boost user satisfaction and your bottom line through:

  • The use of thinner or less expensive substrates 
  • Lower adhesive add-on requirements 
  • Reduced waste due to bleedthrough

As a leading adhesive supplier, Bostik offers a variety of services to ensure accurate product and settings recommendations. We perform audits of our customers’ production lines and coater qualification trials to validate recommendations. We also provide trial support and performance troubleshooting.

If you want to streamline production, start with your adhesive supplier’s knowledge and expertise. It’s the smart way to learn your options for enhancing production line efficiency.


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