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Absorbent hygiene manufacturers like you have a unique opportunity. Your products address the ever-changing needs of consumers across life’s stages. Baby care … period care … adult incontinence. Around the world, an increasing number of consumers are reaping the benefits of your products. But what can we do for YOU, our customers? 

This idea is at the very heart of Bostik’s Connected Product Line. We’ve looked at your needs from every angle. Where do you use adhesives? What are your key goals? Which adhesive attributes would help you accomplish them? Our Connected Product Line brings all these components together in one holistic approach to serving you better.


The 4 elements of success

Operational efficiency. Consumer confidence. Better profitability. Social responsibility. Together they enable you to deliver the right products to your consumers whilst enabling a strong bottom line for your shareholders. Choosing the right adhesive solutions can assist you in meeting your goals in each of these four areas. That’s why we consider them the elements of success.


Adhesives for operational efficiency

There are a variety of adhesive suppliers serving absorbent hygiene manufacturers today. Not every adhesive can offer the same amount of flexibility in your operations or product designs. The adhesive solution you choose can help in a number of ways, from reducing product waste and downtime to supporting easier clean-ups and faster changeovers.

If your goal is to be more efficient and improve your operations, read more about supporting operational efficiency.


Adhesives for consumer confidence

Product integrity, performance, and design—even features that fit diverse lifestyle needs … each plays a major role in establishing your consumer’s confidence with their choice of product and increasing their loyalty. Choosing the right adhesives can help you consistently meet or exceed their expectations and create a more positive user experience.

If you are looking to improve the consumer’s satisfaction with their choice of product, read more about supporting consumer confidence.


Adhesives for improved profitability

Balancing budget requirements is also a factor when making an adhesive decision. Remember to look beyond an adhesive’s price. Can it support your bottom line through versatility, performance, and processability? Lastly, remember to consider the value of your supplier beyond the adhesive itself. What expertise, resources, and services do they offer along with their products?

Want to learn how to improve your overall cost of using adhesives? Read more about supporting improved profitability.


Adhesives for social responsibility

As attention to sustainability grows, socially responsible companies are making incremental changes to enhance their products and operations. Adhesives can enable more sustainable products and processes. We also offer adhesives that include sustainably sourced content. In addition, Bostik has created a wealth of materials to assist you in the pursuit of enhanced social responsibility for your operations.

Considering ways to become more sustainability-minded in your products or operations? Read more about supporting social responsibility.


Identifying the adhesive attributes you need to succeed

Every adhesive you use relies on specific attributes to satisfy its role in your products. For example:

  • Construction adhesives need adequate peel strength
  • Elastic attachment requires sufficient creep and shear to meet your expectations and those of your consumer
  • Core adhesives offer strength to keep components in place without hindering the core’s ability to absorb insults adequately
  • Pad attachment adhesives are expected to hold on during movements each day or night. They should be easy to affix, adjust, and remove from a wide variety of fabrics
  • Hot-melt wetness indicators need to resist humidity and provide a clear colour change with shifts in pH

At Bostik, we have identified over 40 unique attributes across all five main adhesive types that you rely on for your absorbent hygiene articles. Each attribute can have positive effects in one or more of the four elements: operational efficiency, consumer confidence, profitability, and social responsibility.

Learn how Bostik’s connected product line of absorbent hygiene adhesives can help you achieve your business goals. Read our many linked articles or request a meeting today! 



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