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You put careful thought into designing your products for baby care, period care, and adult incontinence products. Each component has a specific function and needs to be in just the right place for everything to work as intended. One valuable tool at your disposal is the hot-melt adhesive. These adhesives are used in a variety of applications, such as in the product’s construction. 

Generally speaking, construction adhesives help to keep components in place. Depending on where they are being used, specific attributes are needed. One common requirement in construction adhesive is peel strength


Where and why are construction adhesives used?

The role of construction adhesives varies by product, and some absorbent articles have more than others. In a diaper, for example, there may be upwards of a dozen applications for construction adhesive. Each can have its own criteria for application and performance. Typical roles of construction adhesives include, but are not limited to:

  • Helping prevent core shifting
  • Holding the acquisition distribution layer (ADL) in place
  • Bonding materials to prevent shifting
  • Fixing the frontal tape
  • Fixing the topsheet to cuff
  • Bonding the backsheet nonwoven to the barrier film
  • Assuring the end seal bonding

Absorbent hygiene manufacturers generally look for construction adhesives that support the integrity of the finished article during use. But the right adhesives don’t stop there.


The value of Bostik adhesives in supporting your operations and goals

Bostik’s construction adhesives can help attain a consistent level of performance intended with every article, contributing to consumer confidence in your product with every use. They can also enable greater operational efficiency by helping to reduce waste and downtime due to unscheduled interruptions for equipment maintenance. This may also contribute to improved profitability. If achieving greater social responsibility and sustainability is a priority, our construction adhesive experts can help you choose the right options to align your exact product needs with these initiatives.

To learn more about construction adhesives, consider requesting our Adhesives 101 training session. You can also read our article ‘The Complex Task of Choosing the Right Adhesives for Your Products’.