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With so many choices for consumers today, every advantage matters. Bostik can give you just the edge you need to differentiate your brand.
As a customer, you can harness Bostik’s value beyond the adhesive to:

  • Stand out and differentiate from others in the market
  • Gain a better understanding of consumer and market needs
  • Achieve your business goals today and well into the future

In addition to our included services, we have created training and trends sessions covering a wide assortment of topics with your needs in mind. These hands-on presentations can provide valuable insight to help take your absorbent hygiene products and operations to the next level. We also offer testing services to assist you in identifying and resolving potential issues in your products and production lines.


Bostik expert-led training and trend sessions

The following sessions are customisable for length and depth of information. Our experts will help you choose based on your specific needs.

Adhesives 101 Training: In this half-day session, your team will gain a deeper understanding of what an adhesive is and what it does in absorbent hygiene articles. Our experts will explore how adhesives can be used to positively impact your products. Lastly, we will explain how our adhesives could benefit your:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Profitability
  • Social responsibility
  • Consumer confidence 

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Adult Incontinence Trends: Our informative presentation offers the latest insights on consumer habits as well as their needs, wants, and concerns. It is designed to help you remain competitive in this growing market and meet the ever-changing demands of consumers.
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Core Trends: The absorbent core is the heart of your hygiene products. In this session, you will gain valuable insight on diaper cores available today. Explore opportunities to enhance the performance of your current designs as well as discover alternatives. This session includes a market overview, as well as information on consumer needs, product designs and innovation, and future trends.
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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): This session will guide you to a deeper understanding of your CSR needs. Take advantage of our technical expertise and knowledge gained from partnerships with sustainability leaders. Our experts will help you unlock your ability to meet your own sustainable objectives and the sustainable ambitions of your consumers.
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Fabrics and the Pad Attachment Adhesive: Examine how consumer choices affect the performance of your pad attachment adhesive. Most notable among them is the underwear they choose. Take a closer look at preferences and trends around the globe, across demographics, and through the ages and stages of life. You will also learn how these differences can affect the consumer’s absorbent hygiene product choice. Lastly, consider how underwear fabrics, dyes, stretch, and more affect the performance of your pad attachment adhesive. 
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Hygiene Market Trends: Stay competitive by understanding the top needs that influence buying behaviour. This session offers a high-level presentation on the five main consumer needs driving market trends—comfort, confidence, consistency, cost, and convenience. You will also learn how these Five Cs connect with your product designs, manufacturing processes, and performance. 
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Odour Overview: Gain a fundamental knowledge of odour and its impact on consumer perception of your products. Explore the science behind odour including how humans perceive different scents. Consider how both biological and cultural factors can affect the consumer’s perception. Lastly, learn the basics of test methods and strategies to control odour in your baby care, incontinence, and period care products.
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Odour Measurement: This half- or full-day session will assist you in developing an expertly trained odour panel. With a knowledgeable in-house team, your company can evaluate and address product odour in a standardised way. The session will also provide information on the perception of odour, as well as the tools needed to describe each scent and its intensity.
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Substances of Interest (SOI): Increase your fundamental knowledge of SOI as they relate to absorbent hygiene. Topics include product safety, transparency, and consumer interest in the content of products they buy. You will also learn about SOI-related issues that have surfaced to date, and their associated risks.
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Bostik absorbent hygiene testing services

Adhesive Line Audits: Bostik can examine the adhesive application process on your absorbent hygiene production line. Afterwards, we will share our conclusions and recommendations to:

  • Increase productivity and product performance
  • Enhance sustainability
  • Optimise costs

Analysis includes application temperature, compression, add-on, open time, substrates, environmental conditions, and other factors that can affect performance.
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Odour Testing: Our specially trained odour panel is available to carry out analysis of finished goods and raw materials. We will also help you gain a better understanding of how absorbent hygiene consumers perceive the overall odour of your products. By identifying individual odour contributors, we can recommend ways to improve user experience.
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Pad Attachment Testing: In Bostik’s controlled testing facility, our experts will measure the stay-in-place performance using Staybility™, our industry-leading pad attachment adhesive test method. By simulating various movements representative of life’s activities and stresses, Staybility offers insight into the consumer’s experience. Initial and ‘in-use’ peel and residue testing are also available. 
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Product Audits: Bostik has developed an extensive line of reliable tests to measure adhesive performance at each application point. In our advanced facilities, we can provide adhesive performance testing of diapers, pads, and other absorbent hygiene products to:

  • Demonstrate the consistency of your products
  • Assist you in understanding ways to enhance the performance of your absorbent hygiene articles
  • Learn how the performance of your products compares with those commercially available from your competition

Our test methods available include elastic creep, peel, shear, pad stay-in-place, adhesive add-on, core integrity, and others.
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Benefit today from Bostik’s value beyond the adhesive

As an absorbent hygiene manufacturer, you and the consumers you serve are the centre of our business. From the full line of adhesive products we produce and supply … to the training, testing, market trends, and troubleshooting services we offer … and even in the industry-leading experts we employ all around the world ... every bit of our operations is designed to help you enhance your business. Tell us how we can enable you to meet the challenges of today... and tomorrow.

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