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In a world of increasing competition, are you taking advantage of all that Bostik can do for you? Here are seven ways we help you grow your business:

1. Absorbent hygiene experts

Create your own competitive edge by harnessing our decades of absorbent hygiene expertise. Put our accumulated market and industry knowledge to work for you. We recognise and act on emerging trends before others can. Because of this, you will have the tools you need, when you need them.

2. Innovation

We continually update our ideas and offerings to keep you ready to deliver what your consumers want now and moving forward. These advances help you improve your product performance and enable you to add new features. We even provide the flexibility to use all the latest materials and using no more adhesive than absolutely necessary. Put our invention patents—9,000 and growing—to work for you.

3. Our Connected Product Line™

Your expectations, business goals, and consumer needs shape our product line. Our adhesive solutions are designed to help you:

We are a one-stop shop with adhesives for construction, elastic attachment, core, pad fastening, and wetness indication. We offer all the elements you need to manufacture absorbent hygiene products that create value for you and your consumer. 

4. A glocal powerhouse

Enjoy the best benefits of global and local partnerships. Wherever you are manufacturing your products, we are ready to help. You can expect consistent quality, reliability, and secure supply thanks to our global network of production lines, laboratories, and regional support centres. 

Your local market needs are skilfully met through our breadth of regional capabilities. We get to know you—your challenges, your operations, and your products—wherever you are in the world.

5. Expert service and support

We are here to help you succeed. Expect personalised solutions, offline trials, performance troubleshooting, and adhesive optimisation. You will also receive support as you adopt best practices benefitting your entire organisation.

6. Sharing know-how

Part of our ongoing support is giving you the information you need, where and how you want it. Our articles, podcasts, whitepapers, and more can benefit your employees in many areas. Expand your knowledge of adhesive applications, core, the science of odour, product testing, and, of course, sustainability.

7. Responsibly for Hygiene

Unlock your ability to meet your own socially responsible objectives—and the sustainable ambitions of your consumers. With our Responsibly for Hygiene programme, you can benefit from our deep understanding of your needs. Put our technical expertise and partnerships with sustainability leaders to work for you. Holistic sustainable solutions, resources, and support for the hygiene industry ... Naturally, from Bostik.

We back you up as you move forward

Make the most of these seven ways Bostik is able to create advantages for your business. Our goal is clear—to help you achieve more loyal consumers, a stronger market position, and business growth today and into the future.

Talk to Bostik about what we can do for you.


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