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If you look up ‘expertise’ and ‘knowledge’ in the dictionary, their definitions are quite similar. But for absorbent hygiene manufacturers like you, there is a much greater difference between the two.
Without a doubt, there are a variety of knowledgeable suppliers who are educated in and experienced with adhesives. When you work with a market and industry expert, however, the additional benefits you receive go far beyond everyday expectations. That deep understanding benefits you, your products, and your consumers.
Every facet of Bostik is designed to bring the next level of value to your business. When you choose us as your supplier, you are attaching yourself to expertise in:

Put our extensive market and industry knowledge to work for you

Bostik has accumulated decades of specialisation in adhesives and the hygiene industry. You can rely on our many innovations for diapers, pads, and other hygiene products, created and refined for you by our experts. What’s more, the professionals we employ all around the world are here to help you:

  • Explore new materials and product designs
  • Optimise adhesive application to benefit your production and products
  • Select the best adhesives for your needs
  • Identify and address odour concerns
  • Consider best practices for corporate social responsibility and substances of interest
  • Anticipate market dynamics
  • Meet the particular challenges of various geographical regions
  • And much more

Drawing on our vast wealth of knowledge, we recognise and act on emerging trends before others can. The resulting innovation keeps you ready for what your consumers want, when they want it.

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