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If you look up “expertise” and “knowledge” in the dictionary, their definitions are quite similar. But in the world of disposable hygiene, there is a far greater difference between the two.

Without a doubt, there are a variety of knowledgeable suppliers who are educated in and experienced with adhesives. When you work with an expert, however, the level of value provided through advanced services, skills, and thought-leadership reaches far beyond everyday expectations.

From our innovative adhesives used in diapers, pads, and pull-up pants to the thousands of professionals we employ all around the world, Bostik has worked hard to earn a reputation of being a disposable hygiene expert. Every bit of our operations is designed to bring the next level of value to your operations. When you choose us as your supplier, you are attaching yourself to expertise in:

Learn how to stay competitive with expert training

With the disposable hygiene market in a constant state of change, now is the time to start preparing for what lies ahead. Bostik has resources available today for a more successful tomorrow. 

As a customer, you have access to our inclusive service offerings, such as adhesive selection and application optimisation, troubleshooting assistance, and trial support to help make your product rollouts and their continued production a success. But that’s not all.

Our subject matter experts are also available to provide a variety of additional hands-on training sessions uniquely designed to help meet your business goals. For example, with Adhesives 101 you will draw on our 125+ years of expertise advancing the science and art of creating and using adhesives. This half-day session can help you make better informed decisions in your operations by giving your team a deeper understanding of what an adhesive is and does. We will also discuss how to use adhesives in ways that will positively impact your productivity and consumer satisfaction. 

The same holds true for our odour training. This is an area of concern with consumers, especially in the feminine hygiene and adult incontinence markets. In this session, you will gain valuable insight about how odour is perceived and odour-related issues in disposable hygiene. 

With expert-led training in these and other areas, your business can benefit from:

  • More knowledgeable employees
  • Optimisation of adhesive applications
  • Better product performance

Improve operational efficiencies with proven test measures

Sometimes it is easy to see where change is needed to keep your operations running safely and smoothly. Other times, opportunities for improvement—and greater market share—come from looking at things differently.

At Bostik, we make it a priority to look at the world of disposable hygiene from every angle. Then we use our expertise to offer customers like you new perspectives and recommendations that are backed by data and results. For example, our product audits measure adhesive performance at every essential point of your finished product. This testing includes:

  • Add-on
  • Core Integrity
  • Creep
  • Peel
  • Shear
  • And more

Grow your understanding of the latest industry trends

To keep up with industry trends and gain a strong hold on your position in the marketplace, you need to choose suppliers who are not only in touch with what is happening today but also looking ahead. As an industry leader, and backed by the resources of our parent company Arkema, we have developed an expertise in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) including Substances of Interest (SOI) and we are available to share our research and insights to help further drive innovation and sustainable developments in your CSR efforts.

When you work with Bostik, you attach your business to more than just our adhesives. A greater level of value is available to support your goals for enhancing operations, consumer confidence, and profitability. 


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