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To compete in the ever-evolving absorbent hygiene industry, companies like yours must be ready to deliver what consumers want today. But it doesn’t stop there. To maintain a competitive edge, are you also preparing for what you will need tomorrow? We are. That is why we consider innovation one of the seven ways we can help you enhance your absorbent hygiene business.

Fortunately, when you work with Bostik, you can take advantage of our inquisitive spirit … our drive to move the industry forward. Bostik’s experts continually track market and consumer trends. What will consumers look for next, and how can we help customers like you deliver it to them? Innovation allows us to help you:

  • Add new product features
  • Enjoy the flexibility to use all the latest materials
  • Use no more than what is absolutely necessary to accomplish the task
Innovations like these add to our long list of patents—more than 9,000 to date—and empower you to move forward.

Bostik’s industry firsts give you a competitive advantage

When you choose Bostik as your adhesive supplier, you reap the benefits. From first-of-its-kind glues to inventive test methods, every aspect of our production is designed to help provide you with opportunities for success. This includes:

  • Improving performance of current products such as diapers, pads, and pant-style garments
  • Using softer substrates, different core designs and core matrix ratios, and thinner materials
  • Implementing pioneering solutions and sustainable options
  • Reducing add-ons to use less and reduce product weight
  • And much more

Three Bostik innovations—Staybility™, StayX™, and Nuplaviva™ 

Staybility™ is a patent-pending method that tests the stay-in-place performance of pad attachment adhesives found on products for period care and light urinary incontinence. Unlike other tests currently favoured in the absorbent hygiene industry, Staybility provides you with data that reflects user experience. The result? A new level of stay-in-place performance that is easily recognisable to your consumers.

Using this new information, we created the next level of adhesive technology: StayX™ pad attachment adhesive. StayX™ meets and exceeds expectations across all the important design attributes for a pad attachment adhesive, with significantly improved stay-in-place performance.

With your sustainability goals in mind, we launched our Nuplaviva™ portfolio of products. Nuplaviva includes two construction adhesives—with 50% and 75% renewably sourced ingredients, respectively—and a wetness indicator that is 90% renewably sourced. Additional offerings are already in development to support your sustainability initiatives.

We stay at the forefront to help enhance your business

Are you ready to take advantage of the new opportunities that come your way? With Bostik, you can rely on a partner who is ready and willing to support you in achieving the goals that are important to your business. Tell us what’s next for you; we may already be working on it.

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