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As a disposable hygiene manufacturer, you understand the importance of consistently meeting consumer expectations for product performance and quality with every use. Failures such as diaper ears tearing off and leakage around leg cuffs are bad for business. Consumer confidence and retention decreases. Wholesale and retail orders can decline. Market share starts slipping away.

Whether you are creating adult incontinence, feminine hygiene, or baby care products, there are steps you can take right now to help build and retain consumer satisfaction and grow your profitability. This starts with attaching your business to expert suppliers who can guide you in the use of the right materials for your business. For example, we can show you how to avoid clogging nozzles in use and avoid costly downtime due to unpredicted maintenance.

Keeping your equipment and employees productive and profitable is one of our main goals. When you choose Bostik as your disposable hygiene adhesive supplier, you receive our on-going support services. Our technical experts are committed to helping you become more agile, productive, and successful. You have access to our market trend insights, and additional training and testing services that keep you at the forefront of other operational efficiencies and what is happening in the industry.

Our Adhesives 101 training ensures your employees know how to make the most of adhesives by giving them a deeper understanding of what an adhesive is and does. This will help them identify how and when production issues can arise. Ultimately, you can help improve performance and product predictability while avoiding possible troubles.

We can also help you better predict your output strategy with the use of our modelling expertise. Through modelling, you can remove some of the trial and error associated with switching adhesives, substrates or even processes on your production lines. Saving you time and cost while continuing to deliver the dependable quality consumers seek.


A smart supplier can help increase consumer loyalty

Not only does choosing the right adhesive support your operations, it can increase word-of-mouth referrals and demand for your products. This is where aligning with a smart supplier like Bostik can be an even greater asset. From understanding how various adhesives perform in different applications, as well as in climates that are more arid or humid, we bring an innovative outlook to ensure predictable product performance and can recommend new opportunities for growth.


This is all part of the smarter value you can expect from Bostik to give your brand a boost. Learn more when you read, “6 Smart Ways to Help Enhance Your Disposable Hygiene Business.”


Take advantage of all that Bostik can do for you

Let’s talk about how to enhance your business with our smart adhesive products, services, and expertise attached to the world of disposable hygiene.


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