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As an absorbent hygiene manufacturer, you count on suppliers like Bostik for quality products and expertise to help you satisfy your consumers. In much the same way, we rely on you. Your business growth drives our own. And that’s just one reason why we offer a wide range of expert services and support for baby care, period care, and adult incontinence product manufacturers like you


Reap the benefits of partnering with Bostik

It’s the value you receive beyond the adhesive that sets Bostik apart from other adhesive and alternative bonding solution suppliers—all those who simply sell you a product and walk away. Ultimately, enhancing your business is our goal. This approach may be the advantage you need to:

  • Stand out from others in the market
  • Gain a better understanding of consumer and market needs
  • Achieve your business goals today and well into the future 

We offer a full suite of services including:

  • Personalised solutions
  • Offline trial support
  • Adhesive optimisation and troubleshooting
  • Line audits
  • Adhesive behaviour modelling
  • Expert testing for products, odour, and adhesive performance
  • Training and trends services including odour, consumer needs, substances of interest, and corporate social responsibility
  • And more!

Plus, as a Bostik customer, you can also take advantage of Bostik Academy. This online resource and reference centre includes preferential access to Bostik exclusive whitepapers, webinars, glossaries, video recordings, and more. It is all available to you anytime, anywhere, on any device. Login or request access now

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Our expert service and support is just one of the seven ways we work to enable your success. Learn about another when you read ‘Meet Your Hygiene Business Goals by Building Your Know-How’.

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