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You have business goals to achieve. But are you working with suppliers that can really help you to achieve them? One thing is certain: It takes knowledge to move in the direction you want to go. Ways to help advance your business include training and teaming up with partners who have the expertise and insights you need. With decades of expertise and a big-picture outlook, Bostik can be that partner with the resources to assist in achieving your goals. 


Disposable hygiene resources for a more successful tomorrow

We understand that no two disposable hygiene manufacturers offer exactly the same thing. At Bostik, we look at the industry and everything it entails—from adult incontinence to baby care to feminine hygiene—from a wider perspective. Our holistic point of view brings together what we’ve seen, what’s happening today, and how emerging trends will impact the disposable hygiene industry moving forward. With this information in hand, we are able to provide a variety of opportunities to customers like you to expand your knowledge through:

  • Training designed to give your teams a deeper understanding through sessions such as Adhesives 101, Overview of Odour, and Odour Measurement.
  • Testing, including Product Audits and Odour Testing, to learn where your absorbent hygiene articles are excelling and where areas for improvement might exist.
  • Market trends to help you stay current on relevant topics such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Substances of Interest, and Adult Incontinence.
  • Modelling to predict the effects of changes—from settings to substrates—and minimise the impact of machine, material and adhesive trials on your productivity. 
  • Webinars sharing important industry updates and need-to-know information, including facts, tips, and tricks, all delivered online via your computer or mobile device.

Your business success drives ours. As a result, we are invested in supporting you and your teams in becoming more knowledgeable about areas that can benefit your business. 


Take advantage of all that Bostik can do for you
Let’s talk about how to enhance your business with our smart adhesive products, services, and expertise attached to the world of disposable hygiene.