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You have business goals to achieve. But are you working with suppliers that do all they can to help you achieve them? At Bostik, we believe information is one of the most valuable tools for success. Most suppliers will give you what you need to use their product, but we take it to a completely different level. At Bostik, we put actionable knowledge directly into your hands.


Absorbent hygiene resources that benefit your employees

No two hygiene manufacturers offer or need exactly the same thing. At Bostik, we look at the industry—baby care, period care, and adult incontinence—from a wider perspective. Our holistic point of view brings together what we are seeing, what we are learning, and how it will impact the hygiene industry moving forward. With this information in hand, we are able to provide customers like you with opportunities to expand your own knowledge, where and how you want it:

  • Training sessions. Give your teams a deeper understanding of topics such as Adhesives 101, Odour Overview and Measurement, and Pad Attachment
  • Market trend presentations. Current information on relevant topics such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Substances of Interest, and Adult Incontinence
  • Webinars. Valuable industry updates and need-to-know information, including facts, tips, and tricks, all delivered online via your computer or mobile device
  • Attached to Hygiene’ podcast. Opportunities every month to expand your knowledge and influence in the absorbent hygiene industry
  • Whitepapers, glossaries, and other reference materials. Valuable information from our experts that your teams can review and reference as they need it
  • Blog posts. An insider’s look at Bostik’s process of developing the tools and content you have come to rely on
  • Video recordings. Presentation excerpts, product and testing information, and industry insights

Plus, as a Bostik customer, you can also take advantage of Bostik Academy. This online resource and reference centre includes preferential access to Bostik exclusive whitepapers, webinars, glossaries, video recordings, and more. It is all available to you anytime, anywhere, on any device. Login or request access now. 

Your business success drives our own. As a result, we are invested in supporting you and your teams in becoming more knowledgeable about areas that benefit your business. 

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Sharing know-how is just one of the seven ways Bostik backs you up as you grow your business. Want to learn more? Learn about another in ‘Supporting Your Sustainability Objectives for Absorbent Hygiene’.

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