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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability


Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are hot topics in today’s industry and the world at large. We can offer insight as you work toward meeting and achieving your sustainable development and CSR objectives. Let us help you meet the sustainable living aspirations of your consumers …

Absorbent Core


The core is a complex component of your absorbent hygiene products, with many new and expanding trends. Get a better understanding of what is currently available, the newest design innovations, and considerations for core integrity and performance …

Adhesives in Absorbent Hygiene


Adhesives are a vital component for keeping your absorbent hygiene products functioning properly. Whether it be holding components together or improving the absorption capacity of your absorbent core, we can help you learn more about adhesives and make the right choice for your products and your customers …

Period Pad Stay-in-Place and Fabrics


When it comes to the topic of pad attachment for menstrual health and light incontinence products, fabric choice plays a major role. To fulfil your consumer’s desire for adequate pad positioning, we can help you understand how their choices affect adhesive performance …

Odour in Absorbent Hygiene


The science of odour and the role it plays in absorbent hygiene products can significantly impact consumer satisfaction and your standings in the marketplace. Learn what the nose knows and how to use this sense to help create a positive odour—and user—experience …

Softness in Absorbent Hygiene


There has been increased consumer demand for softer absorbent hygiene products. One solution is to look at your current designs and materials from every angle. With a different perspective—and adhesives that enable the use of new and softer substrates—delivering a softer product may be more achievable than you had imagined …

Adult Incontinence



Substances of Interest


Consumers continue to voice concerns about the safety of the absorbent hygiene articles they purchase. Gain a better understanding of the current state of SOI, the differences between presence, exposure, and risk, and how to answer consumer questions on the matter ...

Bostik Webinar and Training Recordings


Bostik has hosted several webinars over the past several years on a number of topics, all to keep our customers up to date on the latest trends and changes in the absorbent hygiene industry. Catch up on the latest in substances of interest, core, pad stay-in-place performance, Corporate Social Responsibility, and market trends...

Additional Services and Support for the Absorbent Hygiene Industry


In addition to the standard services and on-going support Bostik provides to all of our disposable hygiene adhesive customers, there are additional resources available upon request in the areas of training, testing, and trends. Our unique hands-on offerings can provide valuable insight to help take your disposable hygiene products and operations to the next level.