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Sealing & Bonding

With our rich history in adhesive and sealant technologies, Bostik has extensive in-house expertise in the bonding and sealing  of  a wide variety of materials.  Our complete range of construction solutions have been used to construct and renovate some of the world’s best-known buildings, landmarks and attractions. They are used to prepare, bond, seal and protect and perform in the most extreme conditions. Our brand is instantly recognised and is trusted by millions of architects, contractors and distributors across the globe.

Bostik developed the Sealing & Bonding range with smart products for the professionals. We produce and distribute sealants, foams and adhesives to the building and construction industry. These products are produced for our worldwide markets.

Wall & Floor

Bostik offers the Wall & Floor Range with smart products for the professionals. This range includes Subfloor preparation products, Soft flooring and Hardwood flooring adhesives, Tiling adhesives and grouts, Waterproofing systems as well as Wall preparation and adhesives.

Bostik installation systems are used globally on a wide range of projects including; high rise residential towers, hotels, casinos, hospitals, schools, sports stadiums, government buildings, shopping centers, corporate offices, manufacturing facilities and private residences.

In fact, as a leading global specialist in adhesive development and manufacturing, we strive to continuously advance the market by delivering next-generation products. Our solutions offer superior performance while meeting the latest building codes and environmental standards.

Construction Segments

Bostik Roll

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Construction & Facade

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Decoration & Paint

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Expanding Foam

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General Purpose

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Grabs & Adhesives

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Panel and Insulation

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Passive Fire Protection

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