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Transportation production lines are evolving across markets while getting increasingly fast-paced and demanding, therefore it’s important to understand how the right bonding solution can help:
  • Address high-performance needs

  • Meet sustainability requirements

  • Improve end-use durability

  • Increase design opportunities

  • Reduce overall costs

Bostik offers innovative transportation adhesives and sealants from our extensive list of experts who strive to meet tomorrow’s needs today.

General Transportation Adhesives

Bostik’s innovative line of adhesives and sealants are designed to improve the production and performance in the truck & trailer, marine and rail markets. 

Bostik’s full line of general transportation adhesive and sealant products exceeds manufacturers’ needs. They offer the durability and dependability our customers have come to expect in the general transportation markets while reducing production times, costs and environmental/VOC concerns. 

Aerospace Adhesives

Bostik's Aerospace adhesive systems are engineered for strength, durability and safety. Our adhesives satisfy the demands of aerospace manufacturers for elasticity, torsional stiffness, temperature and environmental resistance, adhesion to dissimilar materials, and minimal surface preparation.

Bostik is world-renowned in aerospace for our fire retardant adhesives. We partner with our customers to drive innovation in bonding technology while satisfying increasingly demanding FST (flame, smoke, and toxicity) requirements. Bostik adhesives enable aircraft manufacturers to reach new heights in strength, safety and reliability. 

Why Choose Bostik for Your General Transportation Adhesive and Sealant Needs?

At Bostik, we understand the diverse bonding needs your specific application requires. Because we’re an Arkema company and have research and development centers around the world, we’re able to offer local and customized support at a global scale.

Contact a Bostik expert today to get your transportation moving forward.

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