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Being an Arkema company, we strive to ensure that our global solutions are sustainably sourced, minimize environmental impact and maximize environmental benefits for our customers and throughout the value chain.

In our holistic approach, we focus on enabling both a circular economy and strong sustainability levers, such as efficiency improvements for our customers’ processes and solutions that extend reduce waste and improve products’ end of life.

Most importantly, we never compromise on safety. We anticipate regulatory evolution and keep challenging ourselves for continuous progress.

Further, Bostik actively contributes to most important circular economy and industry associations and organizations. We are convinced that cooperation within the whole value chain is vital for aligned, coherent and efficient solutions.


How We are Sustainable Together

Manufacturing sustainable products is only part of what we do. Ensuring that you’re able to minimize the environmental impact of your processes and those of your own customers is our core preoccupation. Count on Bostik’s expertise for advice and joint innovation on how we help you:

  • Reduce energy and material usage
  • Decrease product waste
  • Improve products’ end of life
  • Mitigate carbon emissions

But that’s not all. As an Arkema company, we are committed to helping the circular economy continue to grow throughout the globe by taking an active role in many associations, such as:

  • Sustainable Packaging Coalition
  • RECYCLASS by Plastics Recyclers Europe
  • China Plastics Reuse and Recycling Association

It is through this global commitment that we are able to help our company and yours improve sustainability together.