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Smart adhesive solutions for construction tape manufacturers

From general sealing and insulating to gasketing and glazing, we offer a diverse range of tape adhesives for building and construction applications.

Construction tape adhesive: applications

Our construction tape adhesives are specially designed to be as strong, reliable, and consistent as possible. With exceptional shear strength and insulating properties that are both effective and efficient, Bostik construction tape adhesives are suitable for professional, industrial, and domestic use.

Our adhesive technologies can be found in flashing tapes, gaffer tapes, and drywall tapes, and our specially formulated solutions are perfectly suited to metal foil and foam tape carriers.  

Fire retardancy and asbestos abatement

Our smart coating, composed of rubber and resin, is what gives our tape adhesive products such impressively high tack, allowing for an instant adhesion that is fire retardant and resistant to the ingress of liquids and gases. 

As well as being certified in their abilities to withstand fire, our construction tape adhesives are also notable for their asbestos abatement. In fact, some of our construction tape solutions are so durable that they are used on offshore processing plants.   

Construction tape adhesive: technologies

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (HMPSA)

Our construction tape adhesives are based on HMPSA technology. Our hot melt pressure sensitive technologies are renowned for providing incredibly high levels of tack between two substrates once they have cooled. 

We engineer hundreds of different hot melt formulations that melt readily under application conditions suited to your working environment. Learn more about HMPSA


Other speciality tape applications

  • Medical tape adhesive
  • Automotive tape adhesive

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