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When consumers buy your disposable hygiene articles, they only see the end product—and hopefully they are satisfied. That’s what you want! You also want them to trust the behind-the-scenes manufacturing processes and support systems in place that ensure a quality product is being put in their hands every time.

With Bostik as your adhesive supplier, you can introduce even smarter operations into your supply chain, plant productivity, and more—all with the goal of meeting consumers' needs, keeping their confidence, and retaining their loyalty. We can help you do this with:


Access to a full line of disposable hygiene adhesives

Whether you manufacture baby care, feminine care, or adult incontinence products, Bostik is ready to be your one-stop supplier. From construction, elastic attachment, core, and stretch to pad fastening adhesives and wetness indicators, we have all your application needs covered. Not only is it convenient to receive all of your adhesives from one reliable and trusted source, you may also see savings in time and labour hours that can be invested back into enhancing your business.


Improved productivity resulting from safety

By staying focused on safety, your employees and equipment can remain productive. At Bostik, our teams are committed to keeping our supply chain—and yours—moving swiftly and efficiently while also meeting industry safety standards and regulations. This helps ensure the dependable quality of our adhesives and your disposable diapers, pull-up pants, sanitary napkins, etc. Our approach assists in reducing your risk of manufacturing defective products, equipment failures, hazardous work conditions, downtime, and waste.


Support services and expertise beyond that status quo

To ensure your output is optimised on every production line, we don’t simply sell you an adhesive and call it a job well done. Rather, we remain by your side with decades of expertise in the disposable hygiene industry should you have questions or want to explore new options. In fact, manufacturing customers like you look to Bostik for testing, training, and market trends insights. These additional support services are designed to keep you competitive and improve efficiencies—it’s all part of the smarter value you get and can expect when you buy from Bostik.


Innovative thinking to support a stronger position with market share

Smarter operations often come from looking at things differently. At Bostik, we look at the challenges you and your disposable hygiene consumers are facing from every angle. As a result, we have been able to present proven solutions to resolve manufacturing issues. Sometimes this has led to introducing first-of-its-kind products and testing solutions to the industry. Our commitment to innovative thinking allows us to help you identify new opportunities for greater efficiency and profitability to move your business ahead of the competition.


Take advantage of all that Bostik can do for you

Let’s talk about how to enhance your business with our smart adhesive products, services, and expertise attached to the world of disposable hygiene.

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