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Elastics are an integral part of most baby diapers, as well as pant-style garments for adult incontinence. Specific adhesives are used that enable elastics to stretch and contract whilst holding them firmly in place. In general, elastic attachment adhesives need to demonstrate high shear strength and creep resistance. Common applications for elastic include:

  • Waist
  • Belly
  • Leg
  • Cuff

Waist and belly elastics play an important role in providing a comfortable fit whilst ensuring that the diaper stays in place. Leg and cuff elastics impact fit, but they also support the absorbent core by helping to contain leaks. 

But not all adhesives are suited for elastic attachment. Of those that are, not every adhesive works with every elastic type or configuration. Making the right choice for your absorbent hygiene products can benefit leakage protection, fit, and discretion.


Additional value you can rely on with Bostik’s elastic attachment adhesives

Bostik adhesives can do more than support consumer confidence. Our elastic attachment offerings can also assist with operational efficiencies and improved profitability. For example, you may choose to use the right elastic attachment adhesive for other high-stress tasks such as affixing ear tabs. Your choice of Bostik adhesive can even help you forward your goals for social responsibility.  

If you are considering making changes to your current product designs or adhesives, consult with the experts at Bostik. We can help you choose the right elastic attachment adhesives for optimal integrity and performance. Request a meeting today.

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