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In today’s highly competitive marketplace, many disposable hygiene manufacturers are seeking smarter ways to improve operational efficiency and overall profitability. Choosing the right construction adhesive for your products can lead to greater success in both areas.

These thermoplastic hot melts play a far greater role than simply bonding the various layers of a disposable hygiene product together. By taking a closer look at construction adhesives, you will see they have a variety of valuable attributes for you and for those who use your products.


Improving operational efficiency with construction adhesives

Downtime is bad for business! Especially when consumer demand is high. This makes running efficient production lines critical. 

Even before production begins, you need know your options for structuring the most efficient line. This makes choosing the right construction adhesive for your applications extremely important. You want to look for a construction adhesive that offers:

With the right construction adhesives in place, you should notice operational efficiencies as a result of:

  • Reduced bleedthrough 
  • Clean cut-off
  • Predictable maintenance/shorter maintenance time 
  • Fewer filter and nozzle cleanings 
  • Quicker changeovers 

These operational efficiencies save production time and can ultimately help save money.


Construction adhesives can contribute to better profitability

Choosing the right construction adhesives for the substrates you use can impact your profitability from both operational and consumer satisfaction standpoints. 

Operationally, you may find opportunities to reduce costs through:

  • Ability to use thinner or less expensive substrates 
  • Lower adhesive add-on 
  • Reduced waste due to bleedthrough

Not only does this have a positive financial impact internally, but it can also improve your product. When an adhesive allows the use of thinner substrates, your product may offer wearers a lighter, more comfortable fit. Accurate spray patterns without bleedthrough make the article durable and reliable. Plus high-quality, consistent products lead to happy users who become repeat buyers and long-time loyal customers!

Involving experts like Bostik early in your operational efficiency and profitability discussions can help you make a confident choice for the right construction adhesive sooner. Ready to talk? Schedule a meeting (in person, telephone or video conferencing) with a Bostik product line expert to discuss your needs. 


Read more about improving operations with Streamline Production Efficiency for Your Disposable Hygiene Lines.

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