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When making decisions for your business, you need to understand how your choices impact your goals. The same applies to choosing adhesives for your absorbent hygiene products, whether for baby care, period care, or adult incontinence. Price alone should not drive your decision. The adhesive’s benefits, as well as the value your supplier provides beyond the glue, should be considered. That’s why we’ve made improved profitability one of the four main elements of our Connected Product Line. 

Factors contributing to an adhesive’s value include:

  • Its compatibility with your chosen materials and product designs
  • Its ease of processability and clean-up
  • Product dependability (including consistency of quality and availability)
  • Your supplier’s support with innovation, testing, and knowledge sharing

Savvy manufacturers looking at an adhesive’s attributes and quality may also see opportunities for better management of costs as the result of:

  • Reduced add-on levels that still provide reliable bond performance, which helps ensure product quality 
  • Clean cut-off and easy clean-up to enable minimised downtime and labour cost 
  • Reliable thermal stability for better predictive maintenance of filters and nozzles 
  • Balanced pricing sensitivity and quality requirements

Improved profitability is just one of the benefits that the right adhesive selection can provide. It can also positively impact operational efficiency, consumer confidence, and social responsibility. Understanding all four areas can help you make informed decisions regarding adhesive selection. Over the course of many applications and millions of products, changes like these can add up to success in the absorbent hygiene market.

Learn more about the attributes that support improved profitability for each adhesive application: construction, elastic attachment, core, pad attachment, and hot-melt wetness indicator. 



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