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Achieving and sustaining safety in disposable hygiene is an extremely important and never-ending task. Manufacturers like you are responsible for protecting your plants and employees, and must ensure end users enjoy a harmless, risk-free experience every time they interact with your products. This makes choosing trusted suppliers and reliable vendors who put safety first an important part of your safety initiatives. 

“It’s no secret that our goal is to make our plants as safe as possible,” explains Pierre Grolier, Industrial and Quality, Health, Safety, Environment (QHSE) Director for Bostik. “Our number one priority is that everyone goes home safe.” 

As a result of Bostik’s unwavering commitment to safety, our operations can deliver added value—smarter value—that directly contributes to your operational success and safety efforts as well.


Smarter value through a focus on safety

At Bostik, we pride ourselves on an all-inclusive culture of safety that is known for enhancing supply security, reliable product quality and cost containment. This is accomplished through our:

  • Strong adherence to local and global safety regulations and guidelines 
  • Routine equipment integrity checks to ensure machines are running accurately and efficiently
  • Employee safety training at regular and as-needed intervals 
  • Continuous improvement and “glocal” implementations that leverage best practices from individual plants worldwide
  • Efforts to empower employees and give them a voice in safety through Bostik Smart Zones

If a Bostik employee sees an opportunity to improve safety in our operations, they can write their concern or observation on a Smart Card located in a Bostik Smart Zone. That card is then reviewed and discussed by an on-site panel. A quick resolution is our priority. 

“Across all of Bostik’s plants around the world, we believe in educating our employees about potential workplace hazards, reminding them to pay attention to their surroundings, and encouraging them to speak up about any safety concerns or suggestions they have,” notes Grolier in reference to the Smart Zones. 

This approach empowers employees and supports safety. It also helps ensure you can manufacture disposable hygiene products using safe, high-quality adhesives. Thinking “glocally” helps Bostik ensure quality and consistency in our operations. This means your company’s experience with our adhesives is always safe and always the same no matter which region you are manufacturing in.

By choosing partners like Bostik who are focused on safety, you can achieve greater predictability and consistent quality with your products and operations. Our expertise can also support your efforts to reduce and eliminate defects while enhancing consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

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