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Through the use of designated Smart Zones, we empower all Bostik employees to create a safer workplace environment

If an employee sees a potential hazard or an opportunity to improve safety in our facilities, they are encouraged to write their concern or observation on a Smart Card, which is found in Smart Zones located throughout each of our locations. The Smart Card is then reviewed and discussed by an on-site safety panel. This panel represents health, safety, facilities management, and a cross-section of other functions at that location. A quick resolution to avoid the hazard or enhance operational safety is our top priority. 

The panel also periodically selects one Smart Card submission that is particularly insightful or timely, and the employee who submitted it receives recognition.

Through Smart Zones and other safety initiatives, we are able to educate our employees and encourage them to be both observant and proactive. Their input—and firsthand perspective—supports our continuous improvement efforts. 

In addition to protecting our employees, keeping our workplaces safe all around the globe helps avoid downtime and absences due to injury, accident, equipment failure, and more. This, in turn, helps ensure greater quality and consistency in our disposable hygiene adhesives. As a result, our customers’ experience with our adhesives remains the same, time and again, no matter where in the world they are manufacturing their disposable hygiene products. And Bostik knows employees go home safe.

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