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For women with their periods and adults living with light incontinence, discretion is a top priority. Often self-conscious, these groups want to be comfortable and avoid calling attention to the fact that they are wearing a disposable hygiene product. For both, disposable pads that can be attached to the underwear are a convenient option for absorbing fluids during daily activities and while sleeping at night. 

The pad attachment adhesive plays an important—and uniquely visible—role in the design of these products. Consumers actively engage with the adhesive during pad attachment and removal. Because of this, differences in performance from one pad to another, or one package to the next, can be quite noticeable.

Grow consumer loyalty with consistent performance

Consumers are looking for each disposable pad and their experience using the item to be consistent every time. They will quickly notice how well their pad is sitting and fitting inside their underwear with each use. Pad shifting and bunching can be:

  • Uncomfortable 
  • Potentially visible to others 
  • The cause of core cracking, which can lead to leakage


Creating pads that offer consistent attachment performance is important to manufacturers to help keep consumers comfortable, confident, and loyal. This makes choosing the right pad attachment adhesive one of the most impactful decisions in your product design process. It all starts with choosing the right adhesive partner. 

Better stay-in-place testing and pad attachment adhesive 

Bostik is an expert in pad attachment. We believe in listening to consumers, their needs, and their concerns so we can formulate products and solutions accordingly. 

What we’ve discovered from recent interviews with pad users is that status quo pad attachment performance wasn’t working for them. Looking at various pad products and stay-in-place (SIP) test methods, we approached the consumer feedback and our quest for new solutions from every angle. Strengths, opportunities, weaknesses … we investigated them all. 

Time and again, the findings showed that current methods of testing simply weren’t reflective of actual consumer experiences, as evident in their reviews. What consumers and the disposable hygiene industry needed was a new SIP test and an adhesive that performs as the user wants and expects. This led to two all-new industry advancing introductions by Bostik:



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