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As women have increasingly busy and active lives, they are looking for feminine hygiene products that offer both convenience and comfort. New options that meet these consumer needs are emerging as market trends. One trend growing in popularity worldwide is disposable and reusable period underwear. 

Originally introduced in China, this innovative product design is now in use across mature regions of the globe. Disposable period underwear is constructed to have the look and feel of regular panties. Many designs contain an absorbent core made of materials such as fluff and superabsorbent polymer that have the ability to hold 1-2 tampons’ worth of menstrual flow. With a layer that serves to prevent leaks and a moisture barrier to keep her comfortable, disposable period underwear is typically used on lighter flow days or as a back-up on heavier days. 

Period underwear brings benefits to consumers and opportunities for manufacturers

When looking into the option of disposable period underwear, there are many notable benefits for both the consumer and for you as the manufacturer. If you are already producing disposable period underwear, it may be time to think about optimising your product line to stay competitive in this ever-expanding market. If you are not currently offering this option, you may want to consider adding it.

Your consumer values a product that fits well and moves with her while also remaining discreet. During the day, the disposable period panties can function as regular underwear without attracting attention. At night, she can sleep with the peace of mind knowing she won’t have to change a pad or tampon. Disposable period underwear also reduces or eliminates the risk of leaks, the concern of ruining bedding or clothing with spotting, and the annoyance of wearing a bulky pad. They provide convenience during long flights, business meetings, and other situations that make it difficult for her to tend to her feminine needs.

Disposable period underwear can bring you opportunities for growth, consumer loyalty, and ultimately increased profitability. It is becoming increasingly clear this is a market trend that is demanding attention. Some of our customers are already investing in producing disposable period underwear for retail stores and advertisements are showing up more often on television and on social media platforms. 

Choosing the right adhesive is crucial for your product designs 

As you consider either adding disposable period underwear to your product line or expanding your options, choosing the right adhesive is an important first step. Through product audits and their findings, Bostik’s experts can make adhesive recommendations for construction, elastic attachment, core design, and stretch. As innovators, we look at each opportunity from every angle to help our customers achieve their unique performance and profitability goals. 

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