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A person’s preference for clothing can vary by the day, by the season, by the region, and also by their age. For some, baggy, loose, and oversized pants and shirts might be the current style. But when it comes to disposable hygiene products that serve as underwear or are attached to underwear, consumers consistently prefer those that offer a stay-in-place fit. They look for a product that prevents leakage without constricting.

Consistency is one of the main consumer needs that drives disposable hygiene market trends today. Ensuring your single-use articles provide an appropriate fit, from product to product and package to package, is an important component in meeting this need. 

While displaying sizing labels and charts on packaging helps consumers make their first choice, providing a good fit doesn’t stop there. Consumers expect that your products will provide them with the same fit & performance time after time. 

Choosing the right adhesive can help you ensure fit and consistency

In order to deliver consumer satisfaction, it’s vital to provide a product that is comfortable yet durable enough to withstand the stress of daily activities and use during the night. A variety of considerations play a role in ensuring a good fit, and adhesives factor into several of them. Elastic attachment adhesives used in the waist, belly, cuff, and leg of both tab and pant diapers are an excellent example. 

Elastic strands must stretch and contract repeatedly during use due to movement by the wearer. Elastic attachment adhesives such as Brilliance help ensure those strands stay in place and enable their movement. If an adhesive has too little creep performance, strands will loosen. This may result in the product sagging or leaking. Strands that are overly secure and are not able to stretch can cause red marking on the user’s torso or legs, and pose a risk for pinching and skin irritation. Learn more when you read Disposable Hygiene Adhesives Can Help Improve Creep Performance.


In the case of pads used for feminine care and light adult incontinence, keep in mind that underwear styles & material vary from user to user, and even by day or occasion. It is important to take into consideration the many different cuts and fabrics of the undergarment and ensure that your product fits them well. In addition, a pad that stays in place is more likely to remain comfortable throughout the day. Bostik’s StayX™ adhesive technology is designed to do exactly that. In addition, we recommend using Staybility™ testing to predict your consumer’s stay-in-place experience. 

Connect with the experts at Bostik to learn more about consistent fit

As you seek to meet the consumer need for consistency with the right fit and sizing, we can support you with our expert insight. Bostik offers assistance by routinely conducting product audits to test for optimal use of adhesives in fit applications. Our experts will also ensure your manufacturing facilities around the world are operating in alignment so that your production line output is the same no matter where your plant is located.