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The use of disposable diapers for adults is not a new trend; however, this market is the fastest growing segment in disposable hygiene. Whether due to aging, childbirth, traumatic injury, or other reasons, hundreds of millions of adults worldwide are living with incontinence. As the global population of older adults grows, so do the opportunities to serve them.

Since pant diapers were introduced into the mainstream adult incontinence market in the 1980s, designs have evolved to more effectively meet the needs of comfort, convenience, and confidence. Meeting these needs drives advancements and innovations for as you as a manufacturer as you seek to grow market share through new products and enhancing existing designs. Choosing the right adhesives will help enable your efforts every step of the way.

Good fit, odour and noise control, are important in pant diapers

Generally a self-conscious group, adult pant diaper users want a product that won’t attract attention. Consumers want a product that is breathable, odour-free, and discreet. They value a disposable diaper that feels underwear-like, fits well, and is not bulky. All of these factors come together in today’s adult pant diapers and should be kept top of mind as you design or improve products for incontinence:

  • Fit: Consumers want a product that is easy to put on and take off, and one that stays in place during daily activities and throughout the night. For an underwear-style garment, using the right elastic attachment adhesive becomes significant. It’s also important for you to provide a pant diaper that is comfortable so that the user does not think about it until it is time for a change. Thinner cores play a role in comfort and discretion, especially when used in a non-institutional setting. Many of today’s newer core designs have special (and different) adhesive needs.
  • Odour: When designed well, a pant diaper can offer low odour, which is especially vital for this group. They are looking for a product that contains the smell while they are wearing it, but also one that does not release a detectable scent prior to use. Whether it is being stored in a bathroom cabinet, purse, or pocket, the product should not give off a noticeable odour. Bostik’s odour experts have a wealth of information on pinpointing and reducing product odour.
  • Noise: Wearers of disposable hygiene products value an item they can remove from its packaging without it being obvious. Through the use of softer materials, you can offer a product that is less noisy and also not so rigid. Adhesives can help you here.

Choosing the right adhesive is crucial for your pant diapers

Selecting the right adhesive is a crucial first step in ensuring you are accomplishing your goals for adult disposable diapers. As you consider strategic changes or new product lines, connect with Bostik. Our experts can make adhesive recommendations for not only elastic attachment, but also construction, core design, stretch and even wetness indicators. You can benefit from our expertise, product audits, and findings. As innovators, we will look at each opportunity from every angle to help you achieve your unique performance and profitability goals. 

Learn more about adult incontinence and our smart adhesive solutions for this market segment.

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