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Discretion is a top priority for consumers of disposable hygiene, particularly in the markets of feminine hygiene and adult incontinence. Users of these types of products do not want to draw attention to the fact they are wearing an absorbent article. Products that offer greater discretion help to foster confidence, one of the five main consumer needs driving market trends today. 


With the help of disposable hygiene adhesives, discretion is delivered through three main areas:

  • Sound: Consumers want a product that is quiet, not one that attracts attention with noisy materials. Noise reduction can be accomplished through the use of softer substrates. Not all bonding technologies can effectively bond softer, quieter substrates like cotton, but the right adhesive can.
  • Odour: Consumers want the odour of the product to be controlled, not only during use, but before and after as well. Each component of the product, including the adhesive, works together to create the overall odour profile of the absorbent article. At Bostik, we have experts who can help you identify the sources of odour in your products and offer training on how you can continue to identify and control odour.
  • Visibility: Consumers do not want to use a big, bulky product, as that could let others know they are wearing an absorbent article. This need is driving the trend toward thinner cores in feminine pads and adult diaper products. A variety of traditional designs and non-traditional options, such as precompound/compound and channel cores, are now being used in these markets, enabled by hot melt adhesives. 

Consumers will notice the steps you take to meet their need for discretion when using your products. When executed correctly, even a small change—from reducing adhesive add-on to using different substrates—can boost consumer sentiment and support lasting product loyalty.