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It’s no secret that hot melt adhesives have been used in the production of disposable hygiene products for decades. Applications include bonding for elastics, construction, core integrity, pad positioning, wetness indicators, and more. To keep meeting the hygiene article manufacturer needs for reliable and flexible bonding solutions, as well as addressing the continually changing needs of the consumer, our R&D teams are continuously pursuing opportunities for adhesive innovation. We are creating next-level products for baby care, feminine care, and adult incontinence. 


Hot melt adhesives provide many bonding advantages to product producers. These advantages include:

Adhesive advantages for start-up and operations


  • Lower initial cost outlay with widely used application systems and nozzles 
  • Easier to adjust line settings 
  • Flexibility of performance (through the balancing of COATS factors)
  • Ability to meet highest line speeds
  • Simpler maintenance and availability of replacement/spare parts
  • Lower production line noise than some other bonding techniques

Adhesive advantages for products and product design


  • Compatibility with a vast range of materials and substrates, including cotton and other sustainable materials
  • No need for substrates to be thermoplastic or have similar melting points
  • Effectiveness for a huge array of applications within disposable hygiene articles, some of which are not feasible for other bonding methods. These include those required for certain core designs, wetness indicators, and pad positioning 
  • No hard bond points that can decrease the perception of softness
  • Potentially debondable to allow separation of substrates, if needed for recycling

Adhesive advantages for technical support


  • Ease of identifying process issues, which may in turn contribute to less waste and lower costs
  • In-house processing expertise and maintenance
  • A visible bond, which can assist with quality control
  • Ongoing partnership with Bostik, including our worldwide network for products and support 
Make Bostik your partner for adhesive supply, expertise, and innovation

Rest assured, Bostik will continue to develop solutions that meet the needs of consumers and our customers, including sustainability and cost-effective options. We take pride in putting our vast resources into meeting and exceeding bonding expectations, especially in areas where other technologies and suppliers simply cannot perform. As your bonding solutions partner, we can make solid recommendations to help optimise your production process while making our glues a seamless and ‘invisible’ part of the finished product.