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As consumers seek to meet their needs of comfort and convenience in the disposable hygiene products they purchase, new market trends continue to emerge. One of the trends being driven by these needs is the use of pant diapers. Pant diapers bring notable benefits to both the consumer and—through sales—to you as the manufacturer.

Pant diapers are growing in popularity in each area of disposable hygiene:


  • Adult incontinence: When using a product that is underwear-like, adults living with incontinence can feel more confident and less self-conscious during their daily and nightly activities. 
  • Baby care: Pant diapers make changing time quicker, easier, and less messy, creating an overall better experience for parents and babies. 

Pant diapers can be a beneficial addition to expand your product line. If you are already manufacturing pant diapers, auditing your current designs can provide insights for optimisation to retain consumers and attract new business.

Choosing the right adhesive is crucial for your pant diapers

Pant diapers rely on elastic bands in the belly and waist, as well as in the leg and cuff, to form a comfortable fit, help prevent leaks, and stay in place. Designs frequently use multiple strands of elastic. To ensure comfort and consistent performance, they must be properly adhered to the substrates surrounding those applications. Selecting the right elastic attachment adhesive is an important consideration early in the process. You will need an adhesive that offers the right level of creep retention for your market, but also with the appropriate application temperature and open time for your materials and processes. Bostik’s experts can help you determine the right adhesives to fit your product designs and goals. 

Look to Bostik’s expertise and insight as you optimise your products

Through product audits and the findings, our experts can make recommendations for optimising your elastic attachment application as well as for construction, traditional and new core designs, stretch, and wetness indicators. With innovation at the forefront of our approach, we look at each opportunity from every angle. This information can help you achieve the right product performance and profitability goals. 

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