Brands and countries

The use of pant diapers and training pants is a growing global trend that has been gaining momentum. The product has become more popular with parents in the Asia-Pacific market and is also gaining traction in other parts of the world. 

Parents want a diaper that is easy to put on, take off, and dispose of when done. It must be adaptable to their baby’s movements and offer a comfortable fit whilst letting air flow to help with dryness. Pants diapers and training pants can do it all … but only with the help of the right adhesive. 


Elastic attachment adhesive for baby pants improves your operational efficiency

Choosing the right adhesive is critical to the success of your pant. The goal is to deliver convenience to parents whilst also providing a comfortable fit and avoiding leakage during use. Not all elastic adhesives can perform under high stress caused by active babies and always hold the multiple elastic strands in place to avoid creep. Manufacturers need to ensure consumers remain satisfied and confident in the performance of the pant diapers. They can do this by selecting an elastic adhesive that is the right fit for them and the consumer.

It is crucial that an elastic adhesive can work with a wide window of application methods and your choice of materials. This is also essential for achieving manufacturing goals whilst still meeting consumer needs. Bostik has formulated an industry-leading elastic attachment adhesive platform that can do it all. What does this mean for you and your bottom line? We can meet manufacturer needs and consumer demands for higher-quality diapers with better and more consistent performance, convenience, comfort, and so much more! 

Our elastic adhesive also offers many benefits to pant diaper manufacturers:

  • The ability to work on various substrates including soft nonwovens, which our customers use to achieve a higher level of softness
  • A wider application window for greater operational efficiencies, such as less downtime, less waste, and higher outputs
  • Outstanding creep performance that helps prevent troublesome leakage

Bostik’s experts have spent a significant amount of time researching and developing the right adhesive solutions for the baby care pant market. To learn more about overcoming the challenges of using softer substrates, improving creep performance, and ensuring adhesives are performing to their greatest potential, request a meeting with one of Bostik’s experts today.