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Questions keep businesses moving forward. Whatever the goal—to make a product better, streamline production, reduce costs, or stand out from the competition—it often starts with asking, “How can we … ?” These questions drive continuous improvement, which is an essential part of thriving in today’s competitive disposable hygiene marketplace. But remember, making the most of your opportunities requires the union of three components:

  1. The right data
  2. Technical expertise
  3. A fresh perspective

Understanding performance begins with product audits

Recently, our disposable hygiene experts posed the question, “How can we maximise the effectiveness of elastic attachment adhesives being used in adult incontinence garments?” To find the answer, we needed a new perspective, starting with a fresh look at how various producers’ choice of glue was currently performing. This prompted an in-house audit of products from four North American adult diaper manufacturers. Our study focused on adhesive add-on levels and the % creep retention being achieved.


Using data to optimise your production and profitability

We’re not just adhesives experts; we’re also disposable hygiene experts. Because of our in-depth knowledge in both areas, the data from the audits immediately revealed some intriguing findings. Among them was a large variation between brands, and, in some cases, between samples of the same product from the same producer. We also identified more of the “How can we … ?” questions to ask and the right variables to pursue.

With our decades of experience in the industry, we were able to extract a great deal more from the results. This knowledge, we knew, could help us better serve our customers in the future by identifying opportunities for consistent, optimised performance and their improved profitability.


Leveraging our expertise and testing services

We’re happy to share the findings and benefits of our internal research with you.


Click the first link below to request your copy of our study: How Audits Can Help You Optimise the Use of (Elastic Attachment) Adhesives. Learn what we found, including both the answers and the questions it revealed to us.


Click the second link to learn more about our product audit services. We are available to help you answer your own “How can we … ?” questions.


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