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Uncontrollable bladder leakage affects more than 400 million adults around the world. Yet finding someone comfortable enough to talk about his or her experience is no easy task. Living with incontinence is a heavy burden to carry and often done in silence. 

By understanding incontinence and the accompanying shame, disposable hygiene manufacturers can design, develop and market solutions that provide the discretion that is so important to users.


The fear of others finding out

Many incontinence sufferers are fearful of being judged, treated differently or alienated by others. This makes product performance and packaging key in protecting against: 

  • Visible soiling of clothes
  • Noticeable urine/faecal odour
  • Bulking under clothes
  • Not being able to discreetly carry products 
  • Noises made by the product during changes
  • Having others see the disposal of soiled products

Living with incontinence can also take a toll on a person’s emotional and psychological well-being. Frequent and urgent trips to the bathroom, or having to repeatedly change clothes or bathe, are stressful for incontinent adults. The fear of losing bladder control in front of others is equally taxing. In extreme cases, some sufferers avoid social situations, quit their jobs and isolate themselves completely. 


Smart products keep incontinence discreet 

When strategically planned trips to the bathroom are not enough, using disposable products are the next step. Manufacturers are under great demands to create discreet products that offer:

  • Superior absorption
  • Thinner cores that will not crack
  • Excellent odour control
  • Softer materials that will not make noise
  • A more satisfying fit for added comfort 

Bostik works with manufacturers to ensure their adult incontinence products meet the market’s needs and that our smart adhesive solutions can help promote efficient production. 

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