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In the world of disposable hygiene, consumer needs and market trends are continuously evolving. The primary needs, as identified by our experts, are confidence, comfort, consistency, cost, and convenience. Shaped by culture, these needs drive many market trends seen in adult incontinence, baby care, and feminine hygiene today. When it comes to convenience, there are variety of opportunities for you as a manufacturer to satisfy consumer needs and meet their expectations.

Creating convenience when consumers interact with your products

Each positive consumer experience you help create, from ease of purchase to hassle-free disposal, impacts the perceptions of your brand and products. Opportunities to enhance convenience as consumers interact with your products include: 

  • Ease of use and removal: Feminine hygiene and light adult incontinence pads should use an attachment adhesive that allows the product to be applied, positioned, and removed easily and cleanly. As the use of pant diapers becomes more popular among the baby care, adult incontinence, and even fem care markets, elastic applications and elastic attachment adhesives play significant roles in convenience. 
  • Wetness indicators and sensors: New approaches to indicators and sensors will improve alerting caregivers and product wearers when it’s time to change soiled diapers and pads. This also aids in promoting skin wellness.
  • Safe, discreet disposal: Consumers want products that can be disposed of without worry. Beyond the ability to cleanly remove the absorbent article, self-conscious consumers want minimal noise and simple, easy, and clean disposal. Successfully doing so requires choosing the right adhesive that bonds to your choice of substrates and accommodates your product design. 
  • Online shopping/subscription services: Skipping a routine trip to the store or having diapers and pads automatically delivered on a regular basis can be a real benefit to consumers with busy lives and those concerned about purchasing discretion. From their perspective, e-commerce opportunities can result in saving time and possibly money. From your perspective, it is important that your products are able to withstand the stresses of shipping, storage, and delivery to ensure a positive consumer experience upon arrival. If consumers are buying in bulk, this means that the last product they use is as good as the first.

The right choice in adhesives can support convenience 

Finding the perfect balance between creating a product that is convenient to use while still meeting the intended level of quality and performance can be challenging at times. This is why choosing the right adhesive for your products is valuable to your overall success. The convenience of pant diapers relies on the right elastic attachment adhesive to ensure comfort, secure fit, and leakage protection. The ease of pad placement and removal relies on choosing the right pad attachment adhesive. 

As you look to meet consumers’ need for convenience, it’s important to take advantage of the resources and expertise available to you. Bostik is positioned to be your convenience partner in a variety of ways. Our experts are available to make adhesive suggestions in the early stages of your product development. For products already in process, our teams can perform post-production audits and make recommendations for product optimisation. Last but not least, we can also be your one-stop shop for adhesives due to our full product line. This brings an added convenience to you as the manufacturer, saving time and hassle of managing multiple business relationships.

If your products are convenient to buy, use, and dispose of, consumer satisfaction will likely increase. This can lead to repeat purchases, ongoing loyalty, and possibly new consumer referrals that can result in even better profitability for your business. 

Take advantage of all that Bostik can do for you

To learn more about how consumer needs for convenience influence product designs and manufacturing practices, talk to a Bostik expert today.