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Today’s disposable hygiene market trends are driven by one or more of five basic consumer needs—confidence, comfort, consistency, cost, and convenience. These needs, influenced by culture, affect what consumers want and expect from their products. This is true for baby care, adult incontinence, and feminine hygiene alike. Regardless of market segment, innovation comes from the industry’s desire to meet these ever-evolving needs. 

Whether using disposable diapers for urinary and faecal incontinence, or sanitary pads during menstruation, consumers seek products that give them confidence before, during, and after use. This need for confidence drives market trends including:

When a consumer feels confident in the articles they use, their experience is greatly improved. No worrying over a leaking baby diaper or adult product, or a feminine pad not working with their choice of underwear. No fretting about how the articles they wear may look, sound, or smell while they go about their day. This confidence can translate into a positive impression of your products and build brand loyalty.

At Bostik, we’re ready to help you meet a wide range of evolving market trends that meet all five groups of consumer needs. We understand the important role adhesives play in today’s disposable hygiene designs and can help you choose the right glues to meet product quality and performance goals. Our teams include experts who are ready to share their knowledge of softness, odour, sustainability, and more. It’s simple. Partner with Bostik, and you—and your product consumers—can face tomorrow with confidence. 

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