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Supply chain interruptions can cause production stoppages and idle workers, and unexpected cost changes are difficult to absorb. Managing cost is an important and ongoing concern that directly affects your bottom line. If either or both of these factors become volatile, it is bad for business. That is why at Bostik we work diligently to ensure that our supply chain is secure, predictable, and price fluctuations are minimised.

To provide you with the most supply security, we work closely with our purchasing group at Arkema. We rely on our various experts to continually review market trends to help us understand how the global upstream feed sources impact our downstream adhesive manufacturing costs and how to secure the best sourcing options to support our global network of manufacturing facilities. The team also tracks geopolitical considerations that impact adhesive production and expenses. Among the factors they follow are:

  • Tariffs
  • Dependency on China and low-cost country alternatives
  • Crude oil supply and demand and derivatives 
  • New and existing Supplier capacity
  • Supply chain volatility
  • Unemployment, inflation, foreign exchange impacts
  • Policy and regulation changes 

World events and the supply chain

When global issues such as natural disasters and pandemics occur, our experts study them and evaluate the likely outcomes. Will delivery, timing, and shipping channels be adversely affected? Will certain raw material suppliers be closed down or face delays? Will the need to ensure the safety and continuity of deliveries impact cost? Our team has the answers—or can find them. 

“Together for Sustainability” and the non-monetary cost of raw materials

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, public sentiment around products and their components can also affect sales and impact your bottom line. Because of this, decisions about raw materials and resources can have a non-monetary cost as well. That is why we, along with Arkema, embrace the Together for Sustainability initiative. This global compact includes guidelines for raw materials procurement and logistics. We also expect and require compliance in our raw materials resources. If you have questions, we’re happy to discuss our adhesives, supply chain, and the Together for Sustainability initiative. 

Be informed: Talk to a Bostik expert

Fortunately, our experts are available to share their insights into the raw material and feedstream markets impacting our adhesives. We are glad to help you make informed, strategic decisions to ensure optimal delivery of the adhesives you need, when you need them.

Schedule a meeting today. 

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