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Consumer needs drive trends in the global disposable hygiene market. The five main needs we have identified—comfort, convenience, cost, consistency, and confidence—lead the way in what is happening in the manufacturing of products. That is why it’s crucial to pay attention as things evolve in the world of adult incontinence, baby care, and feminine hygiene products. Comfort is among the top market trends that are important to watch.

Ideally, disposable hygiene products should be created for the intended level of comfort that is desired. Consumers want products to fit comfortably, whether for themselves, loved ones, or little ones. They seek products that will deliver softness and the feeling of being dry even after insult. They value an absorbent article that will support healthy skin and stay in place, one that is less rigid and easy to change.

Opportunities to take comfort to the next level 

There are various trends emerging in the market today that are bringing comfort to the forefront in conversations. They include: 

  • Disposable pant diapers
  • Newer and softer material
  • Evolving core designs

Disposable hygiene innovations like these—enabled by adhesives—can help you introduce new products and enhance existing absorbent articles. Our recommendation is to involve our adhesive experts at Bostik early in the process. Use their strong understanding of consumer comfort needs and suggestions for achieving greater product softness to your advantage. This will allow you to better align your current operations, supplier base, and research and development teams with today’s market trends so you can keep consumers satisfied and prepare for what the future holds

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To learn more about how consumer needs for comfort influence disposable hygiene product designs and manufacturing practices talk to a Bostik expert today.