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Consumer needs drive trends in absorbent hygiene and beyond. Staying informed of both needs and trends can help you remain competitive in the global hygiene market. Bostik experts have identified five essential needs of absorbent hygiene product consumers today: Comfort, convenience, cost, consistency, and confidence. Comfort, specifically, influences a number of current trends we are seeing for adult incontinence, baby care, and period care products. 


Ideally, absorbent hygiene products are created with a level of wearer comfort in mind that aligns with their intended use. Consumers expect products that fit comfortably, whether it is for themselves or those they care for. They seek products that provide softness and the sensation of dryness, even after insult. They also appreciate absorbent articles that promote healthy skin and stay in place, whilst also being flexible and easy to change.

Opportunities to take comfort to the next level 

There are various trends emerging in the market today that are bringing comfort to the forefront in conversations. They include: 

  • Pant-style disposable diapers
  • Newer and softer materials
  • Evolving core designs
  • Slimmer product profiles
  • Increased absorption and capacity

Innovations like these—enabled by adhesives—can help you introduce new products and enhance existing absorbent articles. Involving our adhesive experts at Bostik early on can speed the process. Their strong understanding and suggestions can help you to turn the need for greater consumer comfort to your advantage. The result: keeping your consumers satisfied, and positioning you for what the future holds. 

Take advantage of all that Bostik can do for you

To learn more about how consumer needs for comfort influence disposable hygiene product designs and manufacturing practices talk to a Bostik expert today.

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