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As with other consumer industries, market trends in disposable hygiene are driven by consumer needs. Our experts have put those needs into the following categories: confidence, comfort, consistency, convenience, and cost. Of these five basic needs, cost is unique.

Cost to the consumer is more accurately explained as the price they pay—their expenditure—at the time of purchase, coupled with the number of products they use. They may, for example, choose a product that is less expensive, even if they use more of them. Conversely, consumers may opt for a more expensive product that they believe saves them money in the long run. Private label brands, once considered by many as lower priced but with good enough quality, can now be found at all quality and performance levels, while still maintaining competitive pricing. One hurdle they continue to face is consumer perception; many prefer to use—or be seen using—familiar name brands.

Regardless of the target consumer, baby care, adult incontinence, and feminine hygiene producers need to manage their own costs to remain competitive. This can be accomplished by focussing on:


  1. Process optimisation
  2. Thinner materials
  3. Lower adhesive add-on
  4. Waste reduction

The value of disposable hygiene expertise

Whether you are a producer of branded or private label products, every cent is becoming increasingly important. A key component of evaluating cost is understanding the true value that a supplier of a specific material brings to your organisation. A hasty decision based on price alone could, in the end, lead to more production challenges and a loss that far outweighs any anticipated cost savings.

That’s why, when it comes to disposable hygiene adhesives, it is important to partner with a supplier with proven expertise. Our experts at Bostik look at disposable hygiene from every angle and every corner of the globe. This allows us to see opportunities for enhancing products and optimising processes while reducing overall spend. We can make the right adhesive recommendations to help you achieve your goals as efficiently—and cost-effectively—as possible. 

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